Liz & Joe are committed to creating the highest quality of photographic art possible.  Photography has evolved into a totally new art form  and Liz & Joe are on the cutting edge.  They achieve this through the use of their inborn creativity and their skills developed over many years of experience.  They further develop their talents through ongoing education, by attending professional seminars and workshops.  Both Liz & Joe believe that in the world of digital photography / art you never stop growing and learning.  They take their craft seriously and always  look to improve this exciting medium.
Liz & Joe spend time with all their clients planning their portrait session or special day, attending to every detail, so as to ensure a relaxed atmosphere.  They feel that the creation of your beautiful images should be fun!

Joe has been an award winning Professional Photographer / Portrait Artist since 1962 and is Certified by the Professional Photographers of America.  He is qualified in Large Format (8x10, 4x5), Medium Format (2 1/4), 35mm and Digital Photography. He started his career with Mayo Studios in New York City specializing in Room Settings, Soft Goods and Furniture. He then moved into Industrial photography working for Wheeler Laboratories.  It was at Wheeler that he developed his talent for Black & White Processing and Printing.  While working for Wheeler, Joe decided to expand his talents into the Wedding  arena.  Joe quickly developed his own style that has evolved into the combination of traditional and photojournalistic photography that he is doing today.  Joe's love of photography rapidly broadened into the commercial and fashion world.  He is probably the most "well-rounded" photographer certified by the PPA.  Having this wide scope gives Joe the ability to be creative with any assignment he undertakes, producing magnificent results for all of his clients.

Liz has been a Professional Photographer since 1982 working alongside Joe honing her skills as hobbyist into those of a professional.  She is Certified by the PPA and is a past officer of the PPGNY.  Liz's interest in photography began at the tender age of 8, when she received her first camera.  She spent her teen years watching and learning from other photographers, eventually developing a unique artistic style of Black & White still life, prior to moving into weddings and portrait art.  She is best known for her award winning "Degas" style B&W studies of ballerinas and her truly photojournalistic style weddings.  Liz has also won many awards from the PPGNY/PPA and has been reviewed in the New York times for her award winning Digital Photo - "Acid Amaryllis".

Both Liz & Joe aspire to make every photograph a unique work of art that will be treasured for generations . . .
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